Falling for the White Powder

Falling for the White Powder: Is it Ok to Compare Sugar to Cocaine?

Ok, I realize that the whole “white powder” verbiage might be a bit much, but as I sit here thinking about the insane hold sugar has over me, I have only white powder to compare it to. While I have never touched the drug, cocaine, I may be way off the mark here in comparing the two, but my goodness is sugar addicting. I mean, I had been clean for four long months, no sugar at all! And, just like that…the stress of life, of teaching, of motherhood, of working two jobs…pushed me over the edge and in no time, I was back to my old tricks.

You know what? At this point, I am blaming Starbucks!!! I have to blame somebody, don’t I? I mean, mocha lattes and lemon loaf are my faves. And, as I go from one job to the next, my hand trembles and shakes and as much as I want to keep going straight past Starbucks and head straight to job #2, my hands are in complete control and I turn right…right into the drive-thru.  The next thing I know, I have a latte and lemon loaf in hand and I am extremely happy eating, drinking, and listening to my music as I head directly into crazy Austin traffic. It is almost like the calm before the storm of stop-and-go traffic for the next hour and a half. That is my life right now. My crazy addicted life.

I jokingly blame Starbucks, but it is completely my fault for not making the right choices while I am there 🙂 I could easily have the black coffee and be on my way.

What Is Next for Me?

I wake up at 5 am and head to work at around 6:40. I normally don’t arrive home until 10:15 at night. So, I’d say my days are pretty long. However, I enjoy it all and wouldn’t have it any other way. But, I can tell you that I haven’t handled it very well when it comes to my health. I am tired most days, sleepy and stressed, and my brain just won’t stop firing when it is finally time for me to sleep. So, I try to compensate by eating when I shouldn’t. I haven’t had time to work out like I used to and that is an additional negative. However, there is good news for me. I am a teacher and will be on summer break as of June 9th! Knowing that I can sleep in, I have started my plan to start working out in the morning as soon as I wake up. That is my step #1 for taking control back. I am done being a servant to the “white powder”. My step #2 is getting back on Whole30 starting on June 9th.

Whole30 to the Rescue

No matter how horrible I am feeling now, I know that once I start Whole30, my life will return back to normal. My aches and pains will dissipate and my energy level will shoot through the roof again. I will feel good and I will look good. That is what Whole30 does for me and for all the people that I have talked to who have loved themselves enough to complete 30 days of Whole30. In fact, if you are not feeling happy, confident, and in absolute love with yourself, then I urge you to give Whole30 a shot. I have never felt this strongly about any health plan, ever! I know it is going to, once again, help me to defeat the sugar dragon.

Do you Love Yourself Enough?

Often, as mothers, we tend to give, give, and give. And, there are some of us who lose track of who we are. We lose us in the process of loving our family and I am learning that it isn’t ok to do that. We have to love ourselves first and foremost. Then and only then will our children see how truly amazing we are. Not only that, when we start leading by example, our kids will grow to be strong, healthy adults as well, because we have shown them how to do so without sacrificing ourselves in the process.

Instead, when we are in a rut like I have been the past two months, we kind of impose our cravings and our bad habits onto our kids and then get upset at them when they make poor food choices. It is hard to admit it, but when I look into my pantry and see processed sugary nonsense, I have no one to blame but myself. I am ok to admit that because I am willing to change and to acknowledge that I am human, that I have made mistakes, and that I am not a perfect mom. I also know that if I don’t make a change, my kids will not live to their potential because they will continue to form bad habits. It isn’t easy, and I will have my ups and downs in the process, as I have had in the past, but one thing is certain, I will do everything I can to do better for them. And, yes, I do love myself enough.

Will “White Powder” Win the War?

In the end, when it comes to sugar, I know I will battle the addiction my entire life, but I also know that I have the longevity and deep desire to stay ahead of it and never let it take me so far down the path of destruction that I lose out on doing the things that I love because of it. I have seen so many people not be able to enjoy life because they have gained so much weight that they could no longer have the quality of life they once had and I will not let that happen to me ever again. Sugar/food addiction really does play tricks on your mind and I do believe that those of us who struggle with such addictions do have to deal with our mental health so that we can continue to win the war. Take some time to relax, meditate, put some essential oils into a diffuser and give yourself 10 minutes to concentrate on you! You got this! We will win the “white powder” war.

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