I’m Addicted to a Legal Drug!

The sugar craze that has us crazy.

For many Americans who struggle with weight, it comes to no surprise that sugar is often at the core of our weight loss problems. Whether it be the taste, the pleasure, or both, it is safe to say that we are at war with sugar; the legal, lethal weapon that destroys bodies in more ways than one.  As an overweight American, I have fallen victim to this never-ending trap of sugar addiction and I am paying the price in ways that I may not yet know.

What started this craving for sugar and fatty foods? If you have not delved into therapy to find out your deepest memories, chances are you may not ever know the true cause of your addiction. However, like drug addiction, it is important that us addicts come clean and fess up to our debilitating illness. We must clear our minds and find other avenues to release the stress or pain, or shame, or whatever it may be that we each deal with. If we do not get to the core of our problems, it is likely that we will never break the addiction. I know I struggle with stress and each time I find myself engulfed in work stress or economic stress, I find my hand digging deeper into the cookie jar. Although I struggle, I keep telling myself that I will continue to work on making things right with my body.

I wake up each morning with a renewed sense of purpose and drive to kick the habit. By the time I have made my way to the kitchen for my sugar ladened coffee drink, I have already lost the battle. I say to myself, “Well, it is just one cup of coffee with cream and sugar; you will be fine.” My mind absolutely believes it… until I enter the teachers’ lounge at school, where boxes of donuts are waiting for the taking. It is then that I bargain with myself that if only I take one,  surely I will be ok, and not be tempted the rest of the day. However, come lunch time, there are still donuts lingering and well, by now, I have lost all control and have one more. What the heck, right? I just had some rough hours where kids were acting up and lessons were taking nose dives as students stared glassy-eyed wondering what the heck I was even talking about. I needed a sugar fix and I was hell bound on getting it. Why not buy a soda from the machine too? Might as well accept the cookie a colleague is offering me, I have already blown my day anyway. Perhaps this would be ok if it were just that one day. But, it is not just that one day, it is every day and the more I try to talk myself out of it, the more I dig myself into this hole where sugar lays all around waiting for the taking. I’m drowning myself in sugar, and it’s addictiveness, and unfortunately, the symptoms that come with such a horrible disease.

It is a difficult battle, an almost certain white flag moment for me, each and every time, as I surrender myself to my addiction. I am an educated woman with a masters degree. I know what is right from wrong. I know what I should put into my body. Yet, day after day, I choose to put sugar into it, making it harder and harder for me to break this vicious cycle, as it cripples my body with pains, aches, and ailments I surely would not have if it were not for the consumption of sugar.

I am on a mission to get this right. I want to live to see my children grow old. I want to do things that I cannot do now, like run, climb, tumble, and go out in public without feeling self-conscious, not worry about fitting in places like airplane seats or desks at district training classes. I want these things and so I continue the fight.

Let’s encourage each other! Feel free to encourage…

6 thoughts on “I’m Addicted to a Legal Drug!

  1. Well you are singing my song, sister! I too struggle with sugar addiction. I work with people in Mental Health and Addictions. Their addictions are substance abuse. But their desire and behavior is the same as my focus on sugar.
    It is so difficult to explain to someone who does not deal with this. Yet I do not want it to become an excuse. Do you see this as circular?

    1. Hi, Judith and bless you for your work with people who struggle with mental health and addiction. I most definitely feel like it is circular in nature, and it sure is hard to break. We are trying to find the comfort and reward we so desperately need, yet we are getting it from all the wrong places and the cycle continues, and it is so hard to break. That is the bad part, as I am sure you are well aware of with your line of work. I think you are right in not wanting people to use their circumstance as an excuse. We somehow have to find alternate means of comfort and find a way to rewire our brains. I’m currently starting a new healthy eating lifestyle change. I’m hopeful it will last, but one thing that I have learned is that we need a lot of support. I need my family to buy in. 🙂

  2. It’s so true, and I’m glad that someone says it loud “We are all addicted to a legal drug”!!
    I realized it first when I was younger and tried the Atkins diet, where I took sugar out of my menu. I just felt so good, not running to the fridge every hour… as I used to.

    Thank you for sharing all this important info. Great reading your website!

  3. You are definitely right, we are all addicted to sugar, it is very easy to find and even without even notice it we are consuming sugar… I think is very important no know how to control sugar in our daily diet

    1. Absolutely, Efrain. Before I started this journey, I knew that I had a major problem with sugar addiction, but once I started shopping correctly, I realized that there is so much that our stores carry that have sugar and extra added ingredients that are plain bad for us. It really is a tough addiction to break. Thanks for stopping by.

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