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 The HCG Diet; Is it For You?

By now, most of us know that when you see words like, Lose weight now! It is probably a gimmick of some sort. There is much more to weight loss than a quick fix.  We need to read up on what we are choosing to do to our bodies, and what we are consuming.  There are programs/plans out there that have worked for many people and are safe and there are some that are not.

I am not a doctor or nutritionist. I am just a person who has struggled with weight for many years. I am looking at different diet plans or programs and giving you the information I find. I have read that there are research studies that show that HCG is not effective, while some say it is effective in helping people keep weight off.  When taking HCG you are supposed to lose the fat and keep muscle which helps people sustain weight loss.  Again, this is going to be another one of those diets that may or may not work for you and I would definitely consult with a doctor first!

HCG Weightloss, What is it?

First of all, what is HCG? HCG is a hormone that stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone produced by both men and women and is naturally produced by the body at low levels and helps to support a woman’s fertilized egg during the early stages of her pregnancy. One of the main functions of HCG is to assure that the embryo is secured. HCG also helps with ovulation. HCG is an important hormone. What you may not know, is that this hormone helps to burn fat as well.

What about HCG Weightloss?  From what I have a read, it is a program that has four phases. Guess what? Their first phase is called The Loading Phase. What might one do during a loading phase? You guessed it! They want you to load up on food. You can eat whatever you want! Wow! Sign me up. Sounds odd though, doesn’t it? How can a diet plan that is purposing to help you ask you to eat whatever you want for three days? Well, there is a reason of course. What they want you to do is to load up on fat, even over do it, so the hypothalamus is signaled to burn more fat. During the diet, you will miss your favorite foods, so I guess here is your chance to load up.  In this phase, you start taking HCG Droplets, up to 10 droplets 3 times a day.

Phase II  is at least 21 days long, depending on how much weight you want to lose.  Wait for it…It calls for a 500 calorie diet! I know, sounds insane.  A low-calorie diet along with HCG droplets is supposed to kick start a huge calorie burn. You feel energized during this phase despite the low-calorie intake. There is a diet plan and help on the company’s website for you to review and decide if this is right for you.

Phase III is a reintroduction back to some of your favorite foods, so long as those foods do not include sugary, starchy foods and other high-caloric fatty foods. During this phase, you can eat up to 1500 calories, but you do not want to go back to eating those foods that got you to the place of unhappiness and being overweight.

Phase IV is the rest of your life phase where you will maintain what you have worked so hard for. You can eat good foods that you enjoyed in the past, so long as you do not overdo it on a continual basis. You stick to the 1500 calorie diet and maintain what you have worked hard to accomplish.

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Please comment below if you have a question or if you have tried this product and would like to leave a review.


6 thoughts on “Lose Weight Now!

  1. Hi Melanie,

    Thank you for discussing HCG Droplets. Its market here in Canada in getting bigger. With these phases, I guess the best part is discipline. If you want to undergo these procedure, then one should follow exactly to achieve their goal. Some people get frustrated and abuse weight loss drugs. But one way or another, whether a person is on a weight loss pill/drugs or doing natural weight loss like running/gym… Discipline is a must.

    Hope to read more about other weight loss pills/drugs. 🙂


    1. Hi, Lissa. I agree that people really need discipline in whatever it is they choose to do. There are so many different ways to get healthy and I guess people simply need to find what works for them. I look forward to continuing to look for products that work for people in hopes that people find what works best for them. Thanks so much for your comment. Look forward to seeing you back here.

  2. Really good article. I´m also struggling with my weight and right now I am on a journey to loss those several pounds that I have. I have never tried pills for weight loss due their bad reviews from people that used them and had very bad side effects. Is this hormone free of side effects? If so, I may consider use it.
    Thanks for the info.

    1. Thanks, Ruben. I appreciate the visit to my site. I feel your pain. I am currently in the thick of a new lifestyle change and while I am feeling so much better and doing good, this sugar addiction is no joke! Anyhow, “HCG drops are produced by synthesizing the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) formula and suspending it into a sublingual mixture. That mixture–the HCG drops–is then administered under the tongue and absorbed into the body. Our HCG drops do not require a prescription, are completely in compliance with FDA regulations, and are absolutely safe to use. HCG injections must be prescribed by a doctor and are administered by a shot into muscle tissue (usually given by the patient himself or herself).”
      The oral formula has been found to be as effective as the shots. These droplets are different than the prescribed injections which are more powerful and may definitely have side effects. I would say people would need to be more careufl with the diet itself because of the calorie intake. I would definitely consult with a doctor before any diet plan. Thanks again for visiting my site. Feel free to come back 🙂

  3. I can honestly say I have never heard of the HCG diet before. It’s good to know that there are more options for people to lose weight. But I also think that there has to be an awareness of how to use these products. There are people who are desperate to lose weight and may overuse the product. Losing weight takes time and discipline. Know that its OK to lose weight little by little. The most important thing is trying to eat healthy and exercise.
    It has been difficult for me too but a little change in what I eat and at what time I eat has help a lot. Its still difficult to leave the chocolate alone but I’m trying it in small amounts. Coming back to HCG I think its a very interesting product. Is it save for people with low blood pressure or diabetes to use?

    1. Dira,
      I agree that the most important thing is eating healthy and exercising. Some people do need a kick start or a way to find that motivation to do better in terms of their health and HCG might be what works for them. Other people may find that it is too stringent and it simply will not be a plan that they would ever want to try. From what I have read, there have been some great success stories for a lot of people. In terms of people with diabetes, I would always consult with a doctor before doing any kind of health/diet program. The HCG drops themselves should have no effect on blood sugar. In fact, they are designed to help with hunger and weight loss without affecting sugar. However, when it comes to the diet plan itself, there will be some adjustments that may have to be made to ensure proper sugar levels and people with diabetes or blood pressure issues should always contact their doctor in order to keep them in the loop. In all, I have read that this diet has proven to actually be beneficial for people with diabetes and blood pressure concerns. There have been people who have maintained their sugar levels and/or blood pressure because of this diet and there are others who no longer take meds because of the weight they lost during the HCG diet. Thanks so much for your great questions and thanks for stopping by my site. Look forward to seeing you back again.

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