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Yes, folks! Thrive Online Market, where healthy food and products can be delivered straight to your door, does exist. When I saw Thrive Market pop up on my computer screen, I was happy to see that I could purchase healthy foods and other organic and natural products right from home.  My husband has bought from Amazon, but he has never ventured into the healthy food section and frankly, neither have I.  Now that I have decided to help our family move to a more healthy lifestyle, I’ve started to investigate easy options for us since we are a busy family. Knowing that I can search for items in a platform that focuses on organic non-GMO, wholesome foods makes me excited. Since I am new to healthy living, it is hard for me to go to online stores who offer many different types of products and know what exactly to buy. On Thrive’s Platform, I have access to lists of grocery items that I can actually eat. If you are trying a healthy living style, or If you are a busy mom or dad, if you are sick of standing in lines at the supermarket, or perhaps your town doesn’t have access to a whole lot of healthy foods and products, then Thrive Market might be for you.

 Thrive Market Tid Bits:

  • Thrive Marketing Scam – I saw those words a lot and was taken aback. Could this site truly be a scam? Here is what I found:
  • Thrive Market may give you a Thrive Market Promo code for a free trial period or free product, which sounds great, right?  Some people, however,  wrote reviews saying that they had a hard time canceling after their free trial period was over. This turned off some clients. On the other hand, others had no problems canceling and gave great reviews. My suggestion – Don’t go for the free item. It may be a headache down the line if you aren’t certain you want to commit to the annual fee.
  • There were many who felt like the $59 a year fee was just right because the savings they received on the food prices outweighed the fee. From what I have read, many people who go in knowing there will be a fee were happy with the products they received and were happy to see their delivery on their door steps each time. There were some that had slow delivery. So, that is another possible negative.
  • Looking into their site, there are many choices in the Thrive Market Food Area and they have many other products that are available as well, from vitamins to baby food and gear, items for your home, pets, and much more.
  • Some products that you will find on the Thrive Market website, you will not find at other retail shops.
  • The Thrive Market website offers gluten free, raw, paleo items, foods for vegans, and much more, so it caters to a variety of people.
  • Thrive Market carries products that are comparatively lower in price than other online retailers and the membership supports their social mission to give others who are unable to access a healthy living style due to geography or income, the opportunity to do so.

What About Amazon Prime?


Amazon also carries food items and as I am sure you know, just about anything else you might want. My husband has an Amazon Prime Membership and he loves to order snacks for the kids online where he pays no shipping. He does pay about $100 a year to be a prime member, so there is a fee here too, but he absolutely loves it because he watches movies and listens to music as well.  Plus, all the ordering he has done has truly saved him money on shipping. Also, while Amazon has an endless list of goods for us to purchase, you might find that there are some specialty items that you cannot find on the site. For those specifics, a site like Thrive Market might work.  If you are wanting to know the difference in prices for items you might want to purchase at Thrive Market versus Prime, I think you will find that the prices fluctuate and that some items are higher or lower on the different sites depending on what specific item it is. I suggest thinking of an item you might want and check both sites to see which has the better price at the given time.

Thrive Market Place Pros

  • Low Prices on high-quality Items
  • Nice Variety of Foods and other Products
  • Delivery Straight to your door
  • You might find items that you won’t find at other stores
  • For every membership bought, a family of low socio economic background will be given free access to membership so that they can have the opportunity they might not have had otherwise to buy healthier foods at wholesale prices.
  • Offer over 400 brands in the natural food realm
  • Environment-friendly Company – 100% Carbon neutral
  • Smart way to save money on healthy food

Thrive Market Place Cons

  • There is a membership fee
  • May be hard to cancel if you are agreeing to a free trial or accepting a free product (some reviews mentioned this, others said they had no problems canceling) Don’t agree to any free products! This might lead to an unwanted yearly membership fee. 
  • Shipping fees on orders less than $49
  • Occasional slow delivery times



Am I Signed Up to the Thrive Online Market?

I’m not enrolled yet. Hence, I am only giving you information that I have read online from other Thrive customers. I urge you to do your research if you are uncertain of purchasing a yearly membership. My husband just renewed our Amazon Prime membership so my next step is to purchase a Thrive Membership. I simply didn’t want to have to pay two membership fees in the same month right before I have to buy school clothes and supplies 🙂 Plus, I live in Austin and have access to a lot of options for healthy eating and I am on summer vacation. So, I can run around and grocery shop. Now, once school starts,…That’s a different story.


6 thoughts on “Thrive Market – Thrive Online Market

  1. Probably I won’t be switching to Thrive Online Market, as I still have Amazon Prime for almost a year – it just renewed. But something to keep in mind after 10-11 months. Though if they offer wide variety of organic healthy food delivered to my door, maybe I will try them sooner.

    1. I get it, Robert. I too am waiting a month or so before I start as my husband’s membership for Amazon just renewed. I really like what they have to offer in terms of organic and natural foods and can’t wait to start. Thanks for visiting my site. Hope to see you back here.

  2. Thrive sounds really useful like a really useful platform and one I wasn’t aware of but thanks to this article I now have knowledge and understanding of it.

    Amazon prime is a service i an award of and a former member of.

    Thankyou for this information

    1. Thank you, Darren. I was pretty stoked about the products Thrive offers as well. I didn’t realize it was out there and it is nice to know that there is a place that offers natural products and also gives back to those less fortunate. Thanks for visiting my site and hope to see you back here.

  3. Hi there,
    I have a confession to make, I eat sugar quite frequently. I don’t think I can cut it out of my diet completely but its possible for me to limit my intake daily. This Thrive online market might be a good idea and option. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Tom, I agree Thrive Market seems like it might be a good place to start purchasing healthy foods especially if you are busy and want the comfort of home delivery. If you are really looking to cut back on sugar, I suggest trying WHOLE30. If you look at this post of mine,
      You will see that my cheeks have shrunk, and I totally feel so much better. My aches and pains are subsiding. Of course, this will involve cutting out all sugars though. You might not be ready yet, but once you get your mind set, this is a super great way to get your mind and body reset and headed to a more healthy lifestyle. Anyhow, I appreciate your time and hope to see you back here.

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