Whole30 Round Two – Weekend Success

Whole30 Round Two – Weekend Success

As many of you know, my mother-in-law, who happens to be an amazing cook, arrived on Friday from Mexico for her annual visit. And, as I predicted, she brought many unapproved Whole30 foods with her.  Let me show you just a bit of what she brought.

Empanaditas de Concerva de Calabaza
Cinnamon Bread
Mexican Coke
Random Mexican Candies

That isn’t all of the sugary goodness she brought, but I wasn’t really in a picture taking mood 🙂 Anyhow, my weekend consisted of my entire family enjoying themselves with what I would call “tempting foods”. After all, there was a celebration to be had. Our family was in town and my husband had received a promotion. Now, my Mexican-American family likes to party and celebrate and what I mean by that is we love to build bonds with food and drink.  That’s what we do, plain and simple.  Every corner I turned, there was something that may have sparked my sugar brain, but fortunately for me, my sugar brain is now controlled by non-other than me.  I am in control now and I hadn’t been in control for such a long time, I thought maybe I’d never come to my senses. It took ridding myself of such body crippling carbohydrates, refined sugars, and processed foods to finally find myself again.

 I like myself now. Before Whole30, I didn’t like myself very much and that’s the plain truth. No sense in denying that fact. It is what it is. I wasn’t me because I was in sugar zombie mode. I’d wake up half asleep, in a brain fog, and I’d pour my coffee into my cup of cream and sugar. I say that because I really did have more of the cream/sugar than I did coffee, at least it seemed like that to me. Today, I drink my coffee black and love it. I went from coffee with all that sugar craziness to coffee with coconut milk, to now black coffee. What a difference! 


Discada with chorizo, bacon, ground beef, steak meat, chicken, pico de gallo, etc….


My husband cut up fajita meat, sausage, peppers, & onion and seasoned it 🙂 Delicious once cooked!

Does this Whole30 craze really help with deterring the sugar cravings one may have?


Ok, I am no health expert. I’m just an expert in dealing with sugar addiction or overconsumption, whatever you may want to call it and what I have learned since being on Whole30 for 35 days now is that I can be surrounded by any sweet treat, even those made by my mother-in-law, and not grab it. Before Whole30, I’d have a slice of cake, then go back for more, and more, and more. I couldn’t stop myself. Now, I will not even be bothered by them. Well, ok, maybe just a little, but I can control myself and know what really is more important in the long run. I walk away now.  It has been confidence building for me to look at a slice of cheesecake and go for a cup of fruit instead.

What do I have to Say to You?


Don’t be quick to brush Whole30 off until you have tried it. Come on people, we are talking about your only body. The only one to carry you through this life and you can’t devote 30 days of healthy eating to it? If you can eat sugar, drink alcohol, eat burgers, fries, and all other types of life threatening foods, why can’t you repay your body with a time for appreciation for all the hard work it does to keep you healthy? Stop rewarding yourself with sugar! Just stop! Reward yourself with a healthier life for at least 30 days straight. 

No candy, coke, or cake! None! Not even more complex sugars like white bread, bagels or crackers! You can do it! I know you can. Of course, I say this assuming all people Know to consult with their doctor first. 

Now, wait a minute! It isn’t too terrible…Whole30 doesn’t call for giving up ALL sugars. You can eat all the fruits of your choice. I’d say that is pretty darn good. What more do you need? Add some cashews to a cup of grapes and wow! You are set.

Who am I? Let’s get real, I’m just an average person trying to improve my health so that I can live longer and see my children grow up into the amazing adults that I know they will become. If I were to keep going down the sugary path to a slow death, I can assure you, my life would not be long-lived and fulfilled. It would be anything but. I now have a chance. I’m taking it one day at a time and like I have said before, I have a long way to go. After all, I had a HUGE sugar brain. It is going to take some time to heal and in the process, I will grow the confidence in myself that had been buried by the sugar monster, making me feel inadequate and less deserving than I really am. I can see clearly now. And, I know you can too.

How Did I Survive the Celebration Weekend?

  • I mentally prepared.
  • I drank water, water, water!! 
  • I made pre-made snack bags with carrots, brócoli, peppers, and other bags with fruits and cashews.
  • My husband cooked meat and veggies for me 🙂 This allowed me to eat something great too.
  • I kept myself busy.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions below.

8 thoughts on “Whole30 Round Two – Weekend Success

  1. Hello! Just read your BLOG post!

    First of all, let me congratulate you on doing the right thing during your Mother In Law’s visit. We are from South Texas and the empanadas and tamales had my mouth watering! Then, you showed me the “Discada with chorizo, bacon, ground beef, steak meat, chicken, pico de gallo, etc….” she made and I was like, what can be better than that.
    Then, I saw your picture of “fajita meat, sausage, peppers, & onion with seasoning” and I realized “I could do that”!

    I am going to order the kindle version of this book now!

    1. Hello, Clyde. I am happy to hear that you are going to give Whole30 a shot. It has made such a big difference in how I feel about myself that I can’t stop raving about it. I know it may not be perfect and people may think it is too harsh, but it is our lives we are talking about here. I think we are worth it. Anyhow, even if you can’t start off following it to the mark, I believe in taking one step at a time, improving, and finally deciding that it is time to go full force. By the way, what a small world. I grew up in South Texas and yep, the foods down south are pretty amazing and to some degree not very good for us. I wish you the best and if you learn some cool tricks, meal ideas, or just have an uplifting comment, please stop by again.

  2. Hey Melanie
    This is a brilliant article and full of so many things that resonate with me. I have been on a similar journey and the part about the coffee is almost identical, myself going from plenty of milk and two spoons of sugar in every cup, to just having black coffee now. I feel so much better for it, and no longer have the real strong sugar cravings.

    1. Hi, Steven. I am glad that you understand how making simple changes can really curb those sugar cravings. It is crazy how much we put into our bodies and simple changes make huge differences. I never thought I’d leave the cream/sugar coffee of mine and I am so happy to be drinking plain black now. It even sounds weird to say. Anyhow, glad you could connect with my post and I am excited that you no longer have the strong sugar cravings. Keep up the great work! It really does make you feel good. Hope to see you back here.

  3. You have certainly opened my eyes regarding high sugar in our diets, I followed your link re: 3 foods to avoid, talk about an education, it just goes to show how we are being fooled by food manufactures.

    I am going to follow your lead and cut out all sugars by using your helpful tips and advice.

    My Son has most definitely become addicted to sugars and this has concerned me for some time, he is very active but thinks that he can then get away with eating something less healthy.

    Thank you for showing the way

    1. Thank you, June. I really appreciate you comments. I, too, agree that manufacturers sure do like to fool us and I get upset thinking about what is allowed in a lot of the foods that we eat. Most of us know better, but we are all so busy that we often fall prey to these bad foods and it sure is hard to then rewind and start fresh when you have the cravings for the bad and highly addictive foods. My son is also addicted to sugars and I am trying very hard to help him see the light and help correct what I have messed up. With me now leading the way, my kids are starting to realize how much of the so called “bad foods” we were eating and now make more of a conscious  effort to eat better. One step at a time and celebrate your victories. That is what I am working on 😉 Hope to see you back here.

  4. After I read some of your blog, it confirmed what I already thought. That the sugar in my diet was not a good thing. This summer, I have gone without sugar in my coffee, and other drinks. I have to say for the first couple of weeks, it was really hard and I felt like a bear (very irritable). Then, I put some sugar in my coffee again and I started to feel uptight and even anxious, so now I have gone back to no sugar. I feel so much better, like the monkey (guerilla Lol!) is off my back. I am a teacher and have to go back to teaching in 3 weeks or so, and I am determined to keep the sugar out of my drinks and diet. I am not going to let the stree of being on the job push me to get back on the sugar. I have a lot more energy now too! Thanks for your blog. Eric:)

    1. That is great to hear, Eric! Glad you decided to get off the sugar again. It sure is tough. I am a teacher too and I am super scared of going backward. But, I have a plan and I am staying busy on things that are positive for me, including exercise. I am not going to the teacher’s lounge either! OMG! We had a pot-luck the other day and you should have seen our lounge!! There were pastries everywhere. I survived it unscathed though. I really do not want to regress because I have so much more to go and as you know, work can get hectic and unfortunately, I am a stress eater. Anyhow, I wish you the best start and hope you have a fabulous year. Enjoy your remaining time off. Leaving sugary/processed foods has been so great for me and taking them out of drinks is a huge deal so good for you! Keep it up. Don’t let the school monster get you. Fingers crossed for both of us.

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