Whole30 Second Round – Mexican Probs

Whole30 Second Round – Mexican Probs

Hello, Folks! Well I am officially in the second round of Whole30. In fact, I am on day  3 of the new  round and basically I am telling myself that I am just starting round 1.  The previous 30 days, Eh who needs those? Those were just the warm up! Well, for those of us who have a lot of weight to lose and health to gain, it almost has to be a warm up. I am going to forget about round 1, pretend it never happened. Yikes! Lets see if this tactic helps my psyche. It sure sounds like it would, right? Well, I have been telling myself this and everything has been great until I found out a piece of very important information that might be a possible detriment to my progress. Please watch the video below for the details! Warning, Lady with NO MAKEUP! 😉



Where Do I Go From Here?

OMG!! Yes, you just saw that! You sure did. I am going to be in literal food hell for about two weeks.  She is staying for two weeks, I believe. I forgot to mention that tiny bit of information. We only get to see her once or twice a year and so this really is a blessing for us. But, the temptations will be out of this world hard  for me.  If any of you have a Mexican Mother-in-Law, or a mother-in-law in general who cooks good, then you know exactly what I am talking about! What makes it even worse is that she loves to cook. She insists on it. We are totally lucky about that, right? She is pretty darn cool. No, I am not brown nosing. Her son and I have been together for 20 years and married for 18, no brown nosing needed 🙂


Anyhow,  I am in total proactive mode, yet feel like these days could be like walking through a bed of hot rocks barefoot. One thing I will not do is impose my way on her and expect her to follow the Whole30 diet plan when she cooks. My children get their Abuela’s cooking once a year and by golly I will not stop that from happening. She is super supportive and so I believe that she will try to help by cooking good foods for me, but that will not stop the aromas from filling the room when she is cooking for everyone else. I am a big girl, though. I can handle it. I will quote the Hartwig’s, as I have in the past. They say, “Eating sugar is not hard, fighting cancer is hard.”

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I haven’t weighed myself yet and to be honest with you, I don’t want to weigh myself. I don’t need that number lingering over me and teasing me and making me feel like I am not working hard. So, I will not go there yet. I’m just going to keep moving forward knowing that the pounds are melting away. They must if I am feeling this good. Seriously y’all, I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. Even with an injured ankle, I am good.  I am trudging through and getting exercise any way I can. Today, I worked so hard in the yard that I honestly had to stop because I thought I was going to puke. That was a work out for me. I urge you to find any kind of movement and go for it. Don’t get your mind stuck on having to run or walk or bike, etc… Be happy with any form of exertion and be kind to yourself about it. If you are in round two of Whole30 or planning to keep going into round two, you have to learn to be kind to yourself. Otherwise, it will be easy to lose everything you worked hard for.

I  have learned that  1 in 4 people who go for round 2 find it to be even harder than round 1. There is no more mystery to what might happen to your body and so you know what to expect now. You know how hard it is and some of the struggles that come along with Whole30. So, maybe this time around, when you are at work and in line a the cafeteria, that deli sandwich may be that much easier to grab as you tell yourself, “I’ve already complete one round, I can have this one sandwich.” Indeed, you really can have the sandwich, make sure, however, that you are not going to feel guilty afterwards and then sabotage your entire lifestyle. I am talking especially  to those who have a lot of pounds to shed. For some, round 1 is all you needed and that is great. For some of us, I believe that we have to keep going. If not with the full fledged Whole30, at least with most of it. Otherwise, we go back to making the same mistakes which lead us to a continuous cycle of food addiction and unhealthiness. In my opinion, making a slip like the sandwich will lead to other and probably more frequent moments of slips and pretty soon your entire day will be full of slips. That is not what I want for myself. I truly want this to be a lifestyle. This is round 2, it isn’t round 1 which means that it is going to be completely different. The results might be different, the feelings most likely will be different, but it is possible to succeed.

If you are with me on this, I propose the following:

  • Keep yourself Busy

  • Plan in advance

  • Try new meals, snacks, etc…

  • Talk to people – Find others who are along the same journey you are on and support each other

  • Use the great outdoors – It is amazing what being outside will do for us. That big ball of gas up above sure is our friend 🙂

  • Write, read, or find another activity that you love whenever you are craving something that isn’t healthy. I type this as my daughter is baking up some banana/chocolate chip bread. Really? She had to throw in the chocolate chips? Oh well, I’m typing…staying away from that area of the house. LOL!
  • Make goals for yourself and reflect upon them.




How many of you think that I will survive My mother-in-law’s visit? Comment below and let me know what you think and or if you have any tips to keep me going. 




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