Whole30 Success Guide – When Ain’t Nobody Got Time…

Whole30 Success Guide – When  Ain’t Nobody Got Time….

Call me a horrible mother or wife. Honestly, I (mostly) don’t care what people think of my deep and utter distaste for cooking meals for my family. This mom detests cooking. Does this make me a bad mom? I totally feel horrible about it, but I can’t change how I feel, can I? This is who I am. And, if I am going to be perfectly honest, I also despise shopping. Yep, this woman does not like to shop for food or anything else. Am I abnormal? Well, maybe, but come on, I’m sure I’m not the only mother who cringes on her way home from work at the thought of having to arrive from one job to start another job that really isn’t of any interest (the cooking part of my second job, I mean). Ugh, it’s so hard! But, I suppose many of you have it easier than I do. I have to drive home with my children 😳😳 I get no me time, no let me drive with the windows rolled down, listening to my music, pretending I’m a bachelorette on my way to a sweet vacation destination. Nope, I get none of that. I get screaming and hollering, fighting over music stations, one looked at the other wrong, one ate some else’s after school snack, oh and wait another snuck another’s shirt from the closet this morning (cleverly hidden underneath another shirt for the morning ride) and now that we are all headed home after school,  the shirt has been revealed😳😳 Holy smokes!!! Why? 


This is me in the final moments before the kids get in the car. This smile doesn’t last long. 🙂

Moms with Two Jobs:

After teaching all day, and driving home with the three stooges, you can imagine my apprehension and sheer disgust of having to do anything else, much less cook dinner.  The main reason for my negativity towards cooking after arriving home from job #1 is that my kids, for some odd-reason, think that while I am cooking and washing dishes at the same time, that I can actually answer homework questions, wash clothes, and give advice on how to  efficiently word emails to teachers. Are you kidding me? For the love of anything that is holy! Help a mother out.

 I did this juggling routine for many years until this year when my husband acquired a remote job! He is off at 4 and dinner is ready when I get home! My advice? Get your husband to work remotely!! Now! 

OK, I know that isn’t realistic.  I totally lucked out. Thank you to the man upstairs for this blessing. When you don’t have that option and you are like me and “Ain’t got no time”, what do you do? Well, you find easy meals to make when the husband is entirely too busy to cook or when you just had a smooth car ride home and feel up to the challenge of cooking.

FYI, if you work outside of the house and work at home via washing dishes, clothes, cleaning the house, caring for children, etc… You are considered a mom with two jobs…in my opinion. Just sayin’

Whole30 Success Guide When – Ain’t Nobody Got Time 😉

  • I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Even though Whole30 is really trying to get us to break the cravings and desire to eat all day, I always carry snacks with me, just in case. My favorite snack:


My favorite go to snack! Grapes, Strawberries, and Cashews.

  • Go shopping, you will need to make sure your clean out your pantry and bring some approved food home. Click the following link which will give you a list of Whole30 approved foods obtained from the Whole30 site:


  • I drink black coffee a lot! Sorry if this isn’t good, but it helps me stay focused and keeps the cravings down. So, would I recommend it? Hmm, not sure. It works for me. That is all I can say. I like to have a cup of coffee with a handful of cashews. Let me just say that I will come out and sit at my favorite coffee spot now and enjoy some “me” time. I didn’t like myself enough to do this before. I was too self-conscious to sit alone. Isn’t that crazy? I mean I have so much to lose, yet I am feeling so much more confident in knowing that I’ve got this. Let me just put in a plug for my favorite coffee spot who by the way gave me a free cup of coffee just now. Pretty darn cool 🙂 Gotta love Mazama Coffee.

  • Exercise! I am starting to get better. I have a foot injury that has been holding me back, but I am going to be trudging forward until I figure out what is going on. If you are injured, I urge you to get it checked out. Don’t wait! Your health is important. I truly believe that if I would have been focusing on my exercise during this Whole30 journey of mine, that I would most definitely have lost more weight. I don’t know how much weight I have lost, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that exercise will speed up weight loss 🙂


Now, Let’s get cooking easy style: Here are some quick lunch/dinner meals for us busy folks:

  • Turkey Burger Sliders: How easy are these? Throw in spices of your choice (I like to include garlic and onion powder), chopped onion & cilantro, and OMG! Wait, cook bacon and throw in chopped bacon as well if you choose. Now you are talking. Cook these little sliders and then top them with avocado slices! Boom! The best part is that you can save some for your lunch the next day :)You can do the same with beef as well. 🙂 Pictured below is my beef patty pic because of course , I didn’t take pics of my turkey burgers…Ain’t Nobody Got time….
  • Grilled Chicken and  Yukon Gold Potatoes, Veggies, and Salad with (Homemade vinaigrette made with vinegar, lemon, pepper, and extra virgin olive oil) 
  • Lettuce Wraps: Ok, there really isn’t much to explain here other than use lettuce wraps a lot! You can make chicken, ground turkey, beef, etc.. with veggies and wrap them with a lettuce leaf and poof! So simple. You can pack your meat in a dish, place lettuce leaves in a separate container and take to lunch the next day. I literally opened a can of chicken, drained the water, and mixed in the avocado with the spices. It is that easy.

    Shredded chicken, avocado, salt, pepper, and a dash of onion powder. Yum!

  • I know I talk about Yukon Gold Potatoes a lot, but I just can’t help it. They are so delicious!! You can cook them for lunch/dinner and take some for lunch the next day. How easy is that? Preheat your oven to 425. Then, slice them in half and place them on a cookie sheet. Next, season them with salt and pepper and brush on a bit of extra virgin olive oil. Bake for 25 minutes. Then, flip them over and lower the temperature to 375 for another 20 minutes. Yummy goodness awaits!
  • How about an easy salad for lunch?

    Super easy to make salad 


  • Another quick and easy meal; Try roasting chicken or beef in a foil wrap. The video below shows them done separately, but you can also place the veggies and meat together.



  • Breakfast Cupcakes: This next item is for Breakfast, but had to share: A friend of mine told me she made egg & bacon cupcakes (No, they aren’t real cupcakes).  Don’t we all wish? Anyhow, how cool is this? She now has breakfast for the week as she packaged the leftovers up and stored them in the refrigerator! That’s what I am talking about.  Thank you, Anel, for sharing:) Nice! I would totally top these tasty bites of goodness off with my husband’s homemade salsa. I found a slightly different version on YouTube (ShowMeTheYummy Channel). Take a look at how easy this is, even for people like me who really don’t like to cook. I can totally do this.





  • Salad in a Jar: Ok, Anel also reminded me of salad in a jar. I had totally heard of them and actually, my sister had made me one this year with glazed pecans, strawberries, etc…. It wasn’t Whole30 approved, but it was amazingly delicious. Anyhow, for us more lazy cookers, I think this salad in a jar idea might help us get through the week at work. This next video, I found on LoveHealthOK  YouTube Channel shows salads in a jar that aren’t Whole30 approved, but it is a short video that you can get ideas from and tweak to meet your Whole30 needs.

Whole30 Craziness

Well, as I am sure you have learned, there is some Whole30 craziness that sets in. I’m on my second round, day 9! OMG! I want to snap some days, but I will finish this because I am destined not to be a statistic of Whole30 second round people, 80% of which fail.


Anyhow, You have decided to tackle Whole30 and may be struggling to make this lifestyle work while juggling LIFE! It does get challenging and guess what? That is OK. You can be imperfect and no one will judge you. Or, at least they shouldn’t. Keep on keeping on. Do what is right for you. If you falter, no biggie. Get back on the saddle quickly though. Find the support you need to make it through. The people at Whole30 may have harsher words, but I am all about doing your best. Fight hard not to quit, but I don’t want people falling off the Whole30 Wagon and then never get back on. That isn’t good for anyone.


For 30 days you are putting your health first and that can really be crazy in the world that we live in. Did you ever think sugar had infiltrated our market of foods/stores to this degree? I hadn’t. I knew it was bad, but when I started shopping for better foods, I quickly found that sugar was everywhere, like a virus that had been left to spread and is now uncontrollable. Scary stuff! Luckily, we are in this Whole30 craziness lifestyle to make a change and to live longer and we will beat the sugar monster once and for all!


Ran across the Off-beat Homesteader on Youtube and thought these tips were definitely worth sharing 🙂

As always, please feel free to comment, share ideas, ask questions, etc… Thanks for visiting 🙂


6 thoughts on “Whole30 Success Guide – When Ain’t Nobody Got Time…

  1. Oh my goodness, This strikes such a chord with me. Strangely I used to love menu planning, food shopping and cooking meals but since having kids it just all feels like a chore. And yes why is it that as soon as it is time to make dinner my toddler decides that she wants to cling onto me like a monkey, or show me all her stuffed toys, or get out all the painting stuff, or force me inside the wendy house! Ha! I definitely am in need of some quick and healthy meal ideas. I especially like the breakfast muffins and salad in a jar ideas since I can prepare these in advance. Anymore time-saving tips would be much appreciated!

    1. Hi, Susie. It sure does get a bit crazy juggling everything once children are in the picture, glad you understand. I want to tell you that it will get easier, but as you read, I have pretty much the same problems just with older kids. 🙂 I do think the breakfast muffins are going to be awesome because you can change up the recipes as well as with the salad jars. I will try to keep searching for time-saving tips. I had a friend that prepped on Sunday and she planned out pretty much her entire week. So, she would cook the different meats, etc… and have things ready to go. I haven’t tried that despite saying that I want to do it for the past 2 years now. Yikes! Some day I’ll get there. Also, I think the slow cooker will be our friend too. How easy is it to simply throw in meats and veggies and have dinner ready for after work? I really recommend slow cooker meals for sure. I’ve done those and forgot to mention them on my post. Anyhow, thanks for stopping by and hope to see you back here.

  2. Great Humour! Sounds like me 20 years ago! Believe me, it will pass and you will survive! I am a former teacher, and I was a single mom, so I know how it is. Interestingly, when I change careers and started a care home for mentally ill adults, a large part of my focus was cooking. It turned out that I actually like it, and was quite good at it, BUT, I had tons of time to prepare. You nailed it, the lack of time is the problem. What do you do for respite time?

    1. Hi, Judith. I don’t know how you did it being a single mom and holding down a teaching job. I have the utmost respect for single mothers. Not sure how I would do with that. But, I guess we all manage with the circumstances we are in. Anyhow, glad you liked cooking in your care home for mentally ill adults. Seems like a very rewarding job. Preparation time I am sure helped for sure. I really need to get a handle on my time management when it comes to cooking. Or, at least come up with a plan to help my husband out since he has been cooking lately. Normally, any relaxing time involves my children as I lug them around from sport to sport. I have been walking to help with some me time. Either way, I am going to will myself to come up with at least one week worth of food to prep and have ready for the entire week, so I can help my husband out too. That is my goal. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you here again.

  3. Hi Melanie –

    Great post. I’ve done the whole30 a few times and basically have cut sugar out altogether. It feels really great! Once a month I drink with my buddy but otherwise i just eat clean.
    Your post is super informative and has a lot of good examples. A quick source of protein for me is to buy one of those rotisserie chickens from the store and dig into that. Already cooked and ready to go, easy day.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi, Kevin. Thanks for stopping by. Good to hear you have done Whole30 as well. It has really started to change my life for sure. I am now on the second round, day 10 and I want to keep on going. But, I struggle with not drinking alcohol at all. I am not a big drinker, but I would like to have a drink every now and then with friends. Yet, I know my mind isn’t ready for that because I have goals to meet. Either way, after 20 days, I think I am going to allow myself some alcohol. You are able to do it and still keep no sugars. That sounds good to me. Do you eat beans or corn at all? Just curious because I want to pretty much stay away from sugar for as long as I can. I am thinking of reintroducing beans first. Have you reintroduced some healthy foods like beans or just stuck with the Whole30 rules? I like your rotisserie idea. I am going to do that for sure because that is quick and easy and I can pick one up on a day that my husband doesn’t want to cook. Maybe I’ll prep veggies the night before and then grill them the next day and have them with the rotisserie. Super easy. Anyhow, thanks for that tip. I will use it for sure.

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