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Welcome to my struggle. All struggles and celebrations welcomed.

Hello, world! I have decided to start this site in hopes of discussing the debilitating addiction of the consumption of sugar. I encourage each of you to join me on this journey to seek knowledge, to dispel inaccuracies, and to simply find solace in the fact that there are many of us fighting this same addiction.

I am a wife, a mother, and an educator. I have a masters degree in curriculum & instruction, and I am addicted to sugar. My sugar craze has slowly changed who I am and hence, I have decided to tackle my problem head on in hopes of touching at least someone who struggles like me. I am hopeful that my site will create positive vibes and spread knowledge about the struggles of weight gain and how sugar makes it easy to do so.

I have struggled with maintaining a healthy weight for many years. There have been times where I have been healthy and dealt with my struggles in a way that has kept me healthy and active and there are times like this moment in time, where I am in total loss of control regarding my addiction to sugar and other carbohydrates. I do not claim to be an expert, but I do claim to be a person who has struggled throughout her life with weight control, sugar addiction and self-esteem issues which I believe all play a huge role in how one makes decisions regarding their health.

Why Here? Why Now?

I look forward to finding information to share with you and I look forward to learning from you. Remember, we are all in it together. I have decided that this is the place for people to come to let their guard down and to be themselves. To tell their stories without feeling judged and to possibly find solutions to ailments or struggles that they may face.

Now is the time because we are not getting any younger. I have three children that I want to see graduate from high school, college, marriage, and beyond. If I do not start now, I fear I will not be here for them and that is not acceptable when I have all the tools at my fingertips to do better. I have started to have aches and pains and I truly believe that these ailments are giving me a massive hint to get this ball rolling.  I must invest in myself just as I invest in my children, my husband, and my students. I do matter. I hope through starting this page, we can all find a voice and find that we all can be better and live healthier lives.

Let us grow together!

We can all bloom boldly and confidently.

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